Teens Work Out for Free, Learn From Fitness Experts as Part of GoodLife Teen Fitness 

Teens work out for free, learn from fitness experts as part of GoodLife Teen Fitness

Teens can access 200 GoodLife Fitness clubs, in-person classes, online resources free this summer

It’s no secret that teens are embracing fitness for its physical and mental health benefits.  They’re more familiar than ever with strength training techniques and workout ideas thanks to their teachers, their friends and online research. GoodLife Fitness is kicking off its free Teen Fitness program with a focus on fun, reliable resources and expert advice to help teens expand their knowledge and work out safely and effectively.

By registering for a free GoodLife Teen Fitness membership, teens aged 12 to 17 will have access to nearly 200 GoodLife Fitness clubs from July 3, 2024, to September 3, 2024. Last year, GoodLife celebrated their most successful Teen Fitness ever with almost 80,000 teens registered and over 400,000 workouts. 


“It’s great to see teens so interested and engaged in fitness.  They really understand the benefits for their mental and physical health, and they value the chance to spend time with their friends while being active. We’re here to help teens learn more about how to use the equipment and give them workout ideas so they can try different things, make the most of their time at the gym and have fun in the process,” said Tracy Matthews, vice president of experience & safety, GoodLife Fitness.

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In the clubs, teens can join in-person group fitness classes with certified instructors and can use most of the equipment, including kettlebells and TRX trainers.  For the first time, select GoodLife clubs will also offer Teen Fitness Team Training Camps with motivating workouts and basic fitness knowledge to equip them for longer term fitness programs.


GoodLife will launch a video series targeting teens with the key information they need for effective workouts. Content will include fitness tips from GoodLife experts, demo videos with proper form and technique for various workouts, and sports-specific training programs that will help teens prepare for fall try outs.  Registered teens can access the content via the GoodLife app and website, as well as on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube (@goodlifefitness).


Julia Watts (age 15) looks forward to her second year of Teen Fitness. Watts is a track and volleyball athlete during the school year, but Teen Fitness helps her stay active over the summer.


“My coaches encouraged me to try more resistance training to strengthen my legs for track, but I’m pretty new to the gym so I’m not always sure what to do,” Watts explained. “I usually stick to cardio, but when I want to do something different, I use the On-Demand classes on the GoodLife app. There are so many options on there for upper body, lower body or whatever I need. It’s a lot easier to just pick a workout and follow along.”


Matthew Polidori (age 14) is a student athlete who spends most of his time training on the field or the rink, but now he’s looking forward to another summer on the gym floor. Outside of his usual soccer and hockey practice, Polidori uses the gym to gain strength and speed in other ways.


“I can’t always get access to the gym at my school, and I don’t have any equipment at home. Teen Fitness is the one time I can use machines, weights and different equipment to train in ways that I can’t anywhere else,” Polidori explained. “This year I’m really looking forward to going to GoodLife with my friends. When Teen Fitness is on, we all sign up together and go almost every day. It’s so much fun when everyone can make it. It makes my workouts feel like something I get to do, not something I have to do.”

GoodLife launched Canada’s first Teen Fitness program in 2010 with a mission to reduce barriers to fitness and give young people more opportunities to get active. Teen Fitness members have access to GoodLife clubs across Canada seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The last check-in time for Teen Fitness Members is 3 p.m., and teens can work out for a maximum of two hours per day. Program participants will have access to:


  • Free workouts during dedicated workout floor hours with GoodLife Fitness experts available to provide tours and additional information to help teens get started.
  • Gym equipment including machines, free weights, TRX suspension trainers, and Turf Zones.
  • An On-Demand digital workout catalogue, including Teen Fitness options.
  • In-person group fitness classes including exclusive Les Mills training programs.


Find out more at GoodLife Teen Fitness.

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