The 4 Stages to Building a Winning Team for Your Studio/Gym

The 4 Stages to Building a Winning Team for Your Studio/Gym
By Sean Greeley, CEO of NPE

By Sean Greeley, CEO of NPE

Want to build a winning team and have people on your staff whom you can rely on to support your business’s growth?


A great team will allow you to step out of daily operations and start focusing on strategic work, building your brand, and enjoying your business more (even taking time off).


Here are the 4 steps to take to build a winning team:


1. Design your team

First, you have to know what a winning team looks like. It starts with having quality people in these 3 roles:

  • Head coach. This is your FIRST hire. They own client experience. They’ll lead the coaches and control ops. This is the first role you delegate.
  • Membership manager. They own sales, lead generation, and pipeline management. This is your lead sales person.
  • Studio manager/general manager. This is your LAST hire. This person owns profit/loss and leads/manages the team. It’s you until you are ready to hire the right person.


2. Start attracting the right candidates

Too many studio/gym owners hire friends, family, clients … that’s usually not a good idea. You may not get a core value alignment, and the hard and soft skills you need.


Instead, hire for passion for working with your ideal clients, mission and value alignment, and professional skills. Look for people already employed – reach out to your network.


3. Hire slow, fire fast

Bad hires cost you a lot–in energy, lost morale, and money. We recommend multiple skills tests, as well as exercises/interviews exploring their personal vision and values.


Hire people who are aligned with your values and excited about your vision and mission.


4. Hire leaders

As you grow, you’re going to need to shift from hiring people to help you, to hiring people to lead others.


Assess and support every team member with a formal growth plan that celebrates their strengths and identifies opportunities to grow in core value alignment and skills development.


When you have leaders you can count on to hire and develop talent, you’ll experience a whole new level of freedom.



Getting the right people in the right seats will change your life as a business owner. Focus on a strategy for who you are as you grow and are ready to increasingly delegate your roles Then hire slow, fire fast – and get people aligned to your values and vision. Finally, plan to build leaders within your organization, so you can start to grow even faster.

About the Author

Sean Greeley, Founder and CEO of NPE, has an unrelenting passion for inspiring fitness professionals and business owners to realize their unlimited potential. Since 2006, NPE has helped over 53,000+ fitness professionals and business owners in 96+ countries grow their client base and income to the next level.


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