The Largest Fitness Event of the Year by canfitpro, a Remarkable Success and Unparalleled Showcase of Resilience!

The largest fitness event of the year by canfitpro, a remarkable success and unparallel showcase of resilience!

canfitpro, Canada’s largest provider of fitness education, hosted the Global Conference and Trade Show on August 10th –14th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto. Thousands of delegates, local and international presenters, and consumers joined in person and online this year to reunite as a fitness community. The event was a success with over 165 professional development lectures, an exciting and engaging Trade Show, exceptional Panel Discussions with industry leaders, and special keynotes by Four-time Olympian, Silken Laumann, and award-winning coach, Dr. Ivan Joseph.


canfitpro celebrated and awarded fitness professionals for their remarkable contributions to the community over the last year. Here are the 2022 award recipients:

Fitness Professional of the Year Awards


The Fitness Professional of the Year award recognizes a canfitpro certified and practicing professional member who has demonstrated exceptional leadership, motivation, and technical and coaching skills that inspires clients and exercise participants to achieve their goals. 

canfitpro Fitness Instructor Specialist


Melanie Levenberg, M.Ed., is an author, international speaker, TEDx presenter, certified fitness professional, and global leader in kids’ fitness. As the CEO/Founder of PL3Y Inc, she specializes in helping local leaders launch profitable businesses that help kids become healthier, happier humans through movement and play.

Melanie Levenberg
canfitpro Personal Trainer Specialist


Starting out in the fitness industry in 2006, Eric Wong Kai Pun earned his Life Science and PHED double major from Queen’s University and trained in high-level athletics throughout his formative years. Eric actively competes in strength sports. Eric is a Director of Personal Training at Goodlife Fitness, helping run Personal Training in 30+ clubs and overseeing education for the entire Personal Training department.  Eric has previously been selected as a subject matter expert on Canfitpro’s Personal Training certification program; relied upon as an Advisory Panel member, been an industry trends commentator, and been a conference presenter. 

Eric Wong Kai Pun
Women Who Influence Sharon Mann Inspiration Award & Scholarship


This award (established in 2022) celebrates the legacy of the late Sharon Mann.  Sharon was a fitness icon, inspiring instructor and presenter, and entrepreneur who worked in every facet of the fitness industry during her illustrious 30+ year career. This award and scholarship recognize a woman who exemplifies what Sharon Mann stood for, believed in, and lived: personal courage, growth mindset, influence, inspiration, and community impact. 

Kim BaslerKim Basler is an Online Food Freedom & Mindset Coach, and a fitness professional, with over 25 years’ experience. She was named canfitpro Delegates’ Choice New Presenter of the Year in 2021 after sharing her personal story in the Body Image and Mental Wellness panel. Kim specializes in disordered eating and body diversity and is committed to changing the way the world measures their self-worth.

canfitpro Delegates’ Choice Presenter of the Year Awards


The canfitpro Delegates’ Choice Presenters of the Year Awards recognize a canfitpro Presenter who has been selected by canfitpro, as voted upon by 2021 conference delegates, for their performance and ability to impact delegates’ learning experience at a canfitpro conference during that year. These presenters have demonstrated excellence in their ability to navigate the online learning environment and engage delegates in learning. 

Nathalie Lacombe
Canadian Presenter of the Year


Nathalie Lacombe is a coach and cupid of the fitness industry! Blending decades of international experience with degrees in psychology and exercise science, Nathalie passionately shares her insights. She is the Vice President of the Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) and a canfitpro Advisory Panel Member. She uses her joie de vivre to coach profound and lasting changes in her clients and audiences.

Emma BarryInternational Presenter of the Year


Emma Barry is a global fitness authority specializing in fit-tech, fit-trends, and fit-talent. Co-founder of Good Soul Hunting – an executive search brand serving purpose-led health and wellness brands and Senior Advisor for FitTech Company, Emma’s impatience with the status quo, infectious energy, and innovative flair unlocks and activates game-changing ideas. In a past life, Emma was a founding member of group fitness giant Les Mills International and former Director at luxury-lifestyle brand, Equinox. She is also the internationally bestselling author of Building a Badass Boutique – Your 10-Touch Journey to Designing a Fitness Studio that Rocks!

Funk RobertsNew Presenter of the Year

Funk Roberts is a two-time best-selling author, fitness expert, and owner of Funk Roberts Fitness Inc. – The Over 40 Alpha Brotherhood and Funk Supplements Inc. Funk is known around the fitness industry and world as the guy who helps MEN over the age of 40, 50, 60 and beyond get into the best shape of their lives and naturally increase their testosterone levels. Funk is a Certified Nutrition Coach through NESTA and holds many other certifications in fitness. With 20-plus years of experience, he has helped over one million fitness enthusiasts, combat fighters, trainers and coaches reach their fitness goals and improve athletic performance and his dedicated mission is to help another one million men in their 40s,50s, 60s, and beyond to regain their manhood, boost testosterone, build their best body, and live a healthy happy and productive life.

Sara HodsonSpecialty Presenter of the Year


Sara Hodson, BHK, ACSM, CCEP. With a 20-year career in chronic disease and exercise, Sara is a leader in the movement of clinically based medical fitness programs and the founder of LIVE WELL. She is also the President of the Fitness Industry Council of Canada. With a professional background in cardiac rehab programming and diabetes, Sara launched LIVE WELL in 2011 with a deep passion and recognition of a gap in our healthcare system for medical fitness programs that allow people to be highly successful in a safe, supportive, supervised exercise environment. Sara represents LIVE WELL’s hard-core values as she continues to live them every day. Sara has a vision that every individual living with a chronic disease can benefit from exercise and live a healthy and full life, no matter what!

canfitpro Steve Block Vendor of the Year
GallagherSteve Block Vendor of the Year – Gallagher Insurance/Risk Management/Consulting


Gallagher is a global leader in insurance, risk management, and consulting services.  Gallagher has developed a comprehensive program with coverage options and rates exclusive to canfitpro certified members and has been a trusted partner with canfitpro, supporting its members in an ever-changing and evolving industry since 2007.  Murray MacKenzie – Vice President of Commercial Lines—accepted this award on behalf of Gallagher.

canfitpro PRO TRAINER of the Year Awards
canfitpro PRO TRAINER of the Year Awards
Best in Business


Best in Business is awarded to the PRO TRAINER who displays excellence in all aspects of the PRO TRAINER business from administration to marketing to delivery of the material and support for the students. This PRO TRAINER is a top revenue earner and fan favorite of our member base.  

Trevor PickettTrevor Pickett has been a Personal Trainer for over 10 years. He has also been a canfitpro PRO TRAINER for eight years and won the Participants Choice award in 2019. In 2021, he was named Best in Business and one of the top three finalists for Fitness Professional of the Year. Trevor has been featured on CBC Radio, podcasts, and magazines. He is the founder of Offbeat Fitness Education and feels it is his duty to be a resource for other trainers.

Participant’s Choice


The Participant’s choice award winner is chosen by the feedback canfitpro has received through emails, Google Reviews, Member Experience feedback, and surveys throughout the year.   Feedback is provided based on PRO TRAINER support for students, delivery of the material, and phenomenal overall experience. 

Daniela GoodeDaniela Goode is a Kinesiologist, Holistic Wellness Educator, and Fitness Industry Leader whose passion lies in using movement to foster more vibrant health. She has led a variety of wellness courses, presentations, certifications, and professional pieces of training throughout North America and Europe – and brings this combination of experience into every wellness program she delivers. With over 15 years of experience in the fields of Fitness and Holistic Wellness, Daniela combines her many areas of experience to deliver programs that are challenging, purposeful, and fulfilling.
Astonishing Associate


The astonishing associate is nominated by their Lead PRO TRAINER as a key member of their PRO TRAINER team.  The Associate provides administration, promotion, member support and excellent delivery of the course material.    

Anastasiya MaryukovaAnastasiya Maryukova is a long-time educator, nutrition coach, and trainer. Anastasiya has been bringing a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge synthesized into an effective and sustainable approach to programs, nutritional plans, and workout routines. Specializing in Sustainable Nutritional Health (for weight loss and weight maintenance); Customized Program Design (synthesizing theoretical and practical applications); Movement Mechanics. Anastasiya adopts a holistic approach to training, considering all components of optimal health: mindset, nutritional health, and physical health.

Rookie of the Year


The Rookie of the Year award is presented to a PRO TRAINER that has just begun their path with intention, a solid plan and execution. The Rookie of the year has offered multiple courses and exams, created more opportunity for themselves beyond the PRO TRAINER role and become an incredible leader within their first year on the team.   

Devine SizeDevine Size has a decade of experience in the fitness industry and has served as a Level 5 Trainer at GoodLife Fitness and an Assistant Instructor with the Exercise Therapy Association. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge and education to serve his clients. He provides inspiring new upcoming trainers to get the best start they can in this burgeoning field. With a real understanding of what both clients and trainers need to succeed, Devin is an expert at fitness education and sets his clients up for success.



This is a peer-nominated award. PRO TRAINERS are a strong team of business-minded fitness professionals. This award is presented to the PRO TRAINER who receives accolades from their team members for peer support, collaboration within the team, and keeping a growth mindset that we are stronger in numbers than working alone.   

Louise VigneaultLouise Vigneault has been a part of the fitness industry since 1999. Louise is a licensed Master Trainer for East to West Yoga and Pilates Inc. and a Master Trainer for Barre Above, Tabata Bootcamp, and Tabata GRX. She is a canfitpro PRO TRAINER for all certification courses. She holds a certificate in Fitness and Nutrition Leadership Program from Humber College and many certifications in different disciplines as she strongly believes we should be balanced in mind, body, and soul. An expert in her field, Louise is an energetic teacher who prioritizes her students’ “WHY”.
Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC)
Canadian Fitness Industry Leadership Award

FIC_New Circular


The Canadian Fitness Industry Leadership Award is Fitness Industry Council of Canada’s most prestigious honour. This award is given annually to a FIC member who has proven to be an industry leader, while significantly contributing to the progression of the Canadian fitness industry over the past year.  This year’s recipient is an industry leader who has worked tirelessly to lead and inspire, promote, and protect the Canadian Fitness Industry during a time of crisis.


Scott WildemanScott Wildeman


Scott Wildeman is a partner and Head Coach for KidStrong Canada, which are private child development centres focused on Brain, Physical, and Character development. Scott is also the president of Prescription to Get Active and the past president of the Fitness Industry Council of Canada. Scott is also an indoor cycling instructor in Calgary and enjoys a variety of activities both inside and outdoors.

About canfitpro

canfitpro is the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry. Founded in 1993, canfitpro delivers accessible, quality education, certifications, conferences, trade shows, and membership services. canfitpro’s 100,000+ members include some of the world’s finest fitness professionals, health club operators, industry suppliers, and fitness consumers.

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