The Real Secret to a Stacked Client Roster is Copywriting!

The Real Secret to a Stacked Client Roster is Copywriting!

By Glen Owen, BA, CMSS

Copywriting. At first it seems drab, boring. Why should you care about it?


The truth: the better copywriter you are, the better you get at literally everything else that makes you a fantastic personal trainer.


To be an amazing copywriter means that you understand your target demographic and how to communicate and speak with them such that they have a burning desire to work with you. This targeted communication means easier sales and less worrying about qualified prospects.


It means you understand how to educate your clients so that they continue to work with you for years, affording you the lifestyle and freedom you desire.


Yes, copywriting is the unsung hero of business development. And in this article, I’m going to show you all the ways that you can start improving your copywriting right now to earn the money you want and live the live of your dreams.


I work as a mentor at Fitness Pro Mentors. I work with trainers who earn and those who want to make $100,000 every year.


Below are the most common mistakes I see when it comes to copywriting.


Improve in these five areas, and you will see your business begin to soar; this means no more worrying about where your next client will come from and no more anxiety about being able to pay all your bills.


1 – You’re for EVERYONE!


If you’re for everyone, you’re for NO ONE! Broad messages are like fishing with a net with bigger holes than the fish.


If you want someone’s attention, you need to get specific with your copy!


Imagine being in public and wanting to get someone’s attention. What works better?


“Hey, you! I want to talk to you!” OR “Hey, you in the blue pants, red and white striped shirt, green striped toque, and brown cane!”


The LATTER! Because it speaks to somebody with detail and lets them know your message is for them!


Start tailoring your messages to one specific demographic (and get granular about it)!


2 – You’re NOT using a HEADLINE


Attention span on social media, emails, etc., is at an all-time low! You need something to help you stand out!


A HEADLINE is an attention grabber that will help you pull in your ideal prospective client!


Include one at the beginning of every post, email, or poster you create!


A few examples are:

  • The top three fat loss tips personal trainers don’t want you to know!
  • How to get stronger, quicker, and in less time!
3 – You’re NOT telling people what to do NEXT


What happens when a prospect sees your post and says, “That was awesome, I want more,” and you haven’t told them what to do next? YOU’LL LOSE THEM!


At the end of each post, email, poster, etc., tell people what you want them to do next in a simple and direct way!


A few examples are:

  • Follow me for more weekly muscles building content!
  • Subscribe to my newsletter for the best fat loss tips each week
  • Want my free guide on how to improve mobility without stretching? Comment “mobility” below, and I will do the rest!
4 – You’re the CENTER of ATTENTION


Zig Ziglar, the famous entrepreneur and motivational speaker, once said, “People are only tuned into one radio station, and it’s “What’s in it for me FM?!’”


If your content and copy don’t educate or entertain your target audience, they are gone.


We suggest you focus on creating content and copy that helps your client solve their problems because, ultimately, they will be paying for you to help them.


While it’s tempting to post your favourite workout and exercises, your viewers won’t stick around unless they are getting value from them.


Make the content you create about your audience! Not about you!


5 – You’re using BUZZWORDS


Buzzwords/Jargon are fitness industry words that have a specific definition.


The crazy thing about the fitness industry is that we don’t even agree on what some words mean.


If I asked, “What is strength?” to 15 people, I’d get 15 different answers.


Imagine how confusing it will be for your potential clients to read what you wrote and not resonate with it because you’re using words they don’t understand!


Using buzzwords may make you and I feel smart and knowledgeable, but it alienates prospective clients.


Avoid using industry jargon! If you ever do, immediately explain what it is in layman’s terms.


Take a look at the examples below and see how I immediately explained what I mean when I use jargon.



  • With my 3-month strength program, you will build incredible strength. You’ll be able to pick up more weight from the floor, have more fluid movement in day-to-day life, and feel capable of doing way more in all your activities.
  • Doing steady state cardio activities, like walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes and breaking a light sweat, is one of the best ways to lose body fat.


But here’s my little secret, it’s not just about writing better copy.


It’s also about helping you become the best communicator you can be so that you are stacked full of clients, which means you can help more people and have the income you want to live a life you love.

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Glen Owen, BA, CMSS, helps trainers grow their fitness business. Over the past four years, he has coached and trained hundreds of exercise professionals on how to transform their marketing from upsetting and frustrating to enjoyable and profitable.

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