The State Of Our Fitness Industry

The State Of Our Fitness Industry
By Nathalie Lacombe

By Nathalie Lacombe

So many fitness pros have launched 2021 with incredible enthusiasm and positivity, bravo! I’m hopeful that you had sufficient downtime during the holiday season to reflect on the right projects that will render the results for our industry and the general public.


Are you focused on the right things in 2021??


Here’s what you need to know:


1. Never before has the general public been more aware of their health: The pandemic caused a tectonic shift in the way people think about their health. The concepts of risk factors and pre-existing or underlying conditions are now mentioned regularly in the media and more people are aware of the behaviors that put them at risk of disease and death.


While we should not assume this will lead them directly towards healthier behaviors there is already evidence of positive change – one study in Quebec, Canada showing that food choices have indeed improved since March 2019.


RIGHT NOW is the perfect time for us to dig deep and find ways to connect, communicate with, and motivate the 80% of the population that never engaged in structured physical activity IF we finally realize that we need to talk less about the bodies we sculpt, and move about the lives we save!


2. Fitness pros are tuned into entrepreneurship: For thousands of personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and coaches 2020 was the year we went from employee to entrepreneur. We exploded onto social media (vs saying “the gym takes care of that”) and started connecting directly with our clients. We began getting a clearer understanding of what it takes to nurture leads, promote what we do, and convert leads into sales.


Smart employers at gyms and studios are taping into that business savvy! They’re recruiting and selecting based not only on the quality of the in-person experience we can provide but also our digital presence and capabilities. The fitness pros who will have thriving careers are those who can quickly adapt to a variety of formats and environments. Being open to learning and working through troubleshooting on a regular basis makes us much more valuable.


3. Our services impact physical, mental, and immune health: From the avid exerciser to those looking to become active, the scope of how fitness impacts health has opened up creating opportunities for new programs and the strategies behind it.


Some of the types of services that are being asked of all gyms, studios, and fitness pros:


  • Shorter workouts: under 45 minutes
  • Family focused activities: including play and outdoor fun
  • Nutrition for the whole family
  • Stress management, breath work, mediation
  • Coaching for revised goals: more holistic and lifestyle based

Nathalie Lacombe, M. Sc.  Leadership coach and strategic partner. Joyfully taking your leadership and business to the next level!


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