The VIP Experience – Creating a Moment of Impact

VIP experience
By Dylan Webster

By Dylan Webster

Fitness professionals have brief windows each time they see guests and members to create a “Moment of Impact” (MOI). An MOI is a flash of significance that can define an individual. Each MOI promotes change. Lives are shaped by these flashes and the ripples that MOIs create. An MOI is either positive or negative and can be established as early as the first impression.


A positive MOI can be life changing when a person sets foot in a fitness facility. As you know, many individuals are fitness-savvy and comfortable in a gym environment. Unfortunately, others are riddled with anxiety each time they step on a treadmill or even walk through the entrance doors. Given the extended time off from fitness and gym environments, all fitness professionals should focus their energy on creating VIP experiences and go above and beyond to create positive Moments of Impact.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”

 For a fitness professional, first impressions are the difference between creating social synergy or guests forming a negative bias against them. Fitness professionals need to have all of the ground covered when someone walks into their gym for the first time. Many individuals can become biased through their perception of physical appearance, verbal cues, non-verbal behavior, and even the environment. The following list contains essentials that can make or break a first impression:


Well-Groomed/Dressed – A professional look goes a long way. People naturally like individuals they are attracted to, so dress to impress!


Personal Hygiene – Building relationships at the gym often involves entering within close proximity of one another.


Gym Cleanliness – Even if your team has designated cleaners, it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure all aspects of the facility are spotless.


The Greeting – Always do your best to greet the member or guest by name! Regardless of how busy you are, try to go out of your way to acknowledge everyone who steps foot into the gym (you don’t know what kind of barriers they’ve had to overcome to be there!).


Attitude – I always coach others to interact with members/guests the same way you would want a fitness professional to interact with your mother if she were to walk into the gym. You can customize your own list of characteristics, but this list works great: motivational, supportive, empathetic, professional, knowledgeable, passionate, enthusiastic, friendly, and witty.


In addition to the list above (which is basic and considered the industry-standard), fitness professionals should also be rehearsing their 30-second pitch. Some of the most cringeworthy moments inside the gym occur when a guest asks, “Can you tell me about the club?” And the club associate responds “Uhhhhhh, well, we have 30 treadmills, and ummm, you can get protein shakes overthere, and uh, there are showers and a sauna in the locker rooms.”


To help create a positive moment of impact and a VIP experience, fitness professionals should be equipped with a compelling 30-second pitch. This is a quick and easy way to introduce their organization and highlight what makes them unique amongst their competition. A well-constructed, fluent pitch will capture the audience’s attention and set the tone for the remainder of the interaction. If your gym already has one – Great, make sure you practice it!

If not, try building one with these 4 tips:


  1. Spark Interest
  • The opening line should be assertive and engaging.
  • It should not bore the listener with too much detail.


  1. Offer a Solution
  • What problem is being solved?


  1. Competitive Advantage
  • Elaborate on what makes the gym unique by including 1 to 3 strong selling points.


  1. Leading Question
  • To control the direction of the conversation, always end with a purposeful question.


Here is an example for your reference:

“Webster Sports Club is an inclusive environment constructed to help our members live their best life! Our variety of amenities allows you to build muscle, lose weight, and feel better every day! Our services, team, and unique community atmosphere have our members feeling right at home. Do you mind me asking, are you currently doing anything for fitness?”

Dylan Webster is the Managing Director of the Fitness Sales Academy and the author of: Fitness Sales: Logic | Sweat | Emotion. Dylan is motivated to change the way members and guests are exposed to fitness by upgrading the sales skills of fitness professionals. Dylan leverages his extensive knowledge of fitness, social psychology, and human behavior, to coach others to unlock their full potential.

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