Trainerize Makes Personal Training More Personal with New Apple Watch App Capabilities



Trainerize bridges the gap between trainers, clubs and members using the power of Apple Watch to define a 360° degrees approach to client coaching.


 Trainerize, a developer of mobile applications that empower engagement between fitness trainers, gym owners, and their clients, announces its most sophisticated Apple Watch solution to date. The Trainerize Apple Watch app allows fitness businesses and individual personal trainers to participate in the digitalization of the health and fitness industry, using multiple Apple Watch capabilities to redefine the trainer/client experience.  


The Trainerize Apple Watch app allows fitness brands/clubs of all sizes and independent personal trainers to launch an Apple Watch experience without the expense and expertise required to create their own solutions. It provides a new level of connection between personal trainers and their clients.


Trainers can develop tailored coaching programs, workout plans, and fitness classes delivered on their clients’ Apple Watch while deepening and extending relationships through the real-time exchange of daily data such as activity, fitness levels and daily lifestyle information such as sleep and nutrition, with the clients’ permission. 


The Trainerize Apple Watch app is a robust solution developed for personal trainers within the fitness industry to streamline member engagement and activity in and outside the gym. Whether in-person or virtually, it brings a level of intelligence and personalization to fitness and health coaching that goes beyond the mere tracking of calories or the progress of activities.


Now phones can stay at home or in the locker since the app provides invaluable insights into clients’ workout regimens and general health and fitness directly from Apple Watch. These include duration of workouts, distance, average and resting heart rate, calories burned, steps, sleep, and more.


Facilitating a 3600 approach to coaching, trainers can develop and adapt health and fitness programs based on real-world physiological indicators, activity, and habit data. For example, over time prescribed workouts can be increased in intensity taking into account changes to indicators like the client’s predicted vo2 and resting heart rate, or the number of assigned lunges reduced if a client completed a long run the day before or slept poorly the previous evening.


The latest version of the Trainerize Apple Watch app provides more functionality.  It can now track any workout – regular/circuit or interval from the wrist as well as extra cardio activities including Swimming, Dance, and HIIT. It also allows for even more customization for trainers. For example, users can apply varying time sets to tailor training plans or personalize the apps’ look and feel via updates to the watch face to highlight their own brand. In addition, the app streamlines the navigation and display of information for both the client and the trainer.


“We are entering an exciting new era where the fusion of technology, the omnipresence of wearables and specific data insights is making personal health and fitness training ever more personal,” Trainerize Managing Director and Co-founder, Sharad Mohan. “The Apple Watch app we have created is a massive step into the future of digital fitness where it is no longer about tracking from the wrist but about developing a holistic approach to wellness 24/7. We are making it possible for fitness professionals and businesses to become constant companions in their clients’ daily lives and guide and influence their fitness regimens and habits.”


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