UK Health Club Market Reaches New Highs

UK Health Club Market Reaches New Highs

The recently released Leisure DB State of the UK Fitness Industry Report 2024 provides a comprehensive analysis of the sector, revealing significant growth and notable trends. Here are the key highlights and statistics from the report:


  1. Market Value and Growth:
    • The UK’s fitness industry reached a record market value of £5.9 billion in 2024, a 9.7% increase from the previous year.​
  1. Gym Numbers and Membership:
    • There were 7,009 gyms in the UK as of March 2024, a slight rise from 6,998 in 2023, although still below the peak of 7,239 in 2019​.
    • Total gym memberships increased by 4.1% to 10.7 million, with a penetration rate of 15.9%, surpassing pre-pandemic levels​.
    • 10.7 million people have health club memberships (compared to 10.3 million in 2023).
  1. Sector Breakdown:
    • The private sector comprises 4,513 gyms, with membership growing by 5.1% to 7.33 million and market value rising by 10.9% to £4.48 billion​.
    • Public sector gyms totaled 2,496, with a slight decrease in numbers but a 1.9% increase in membership to 3.36 million. The market value for public gyms grew by 6.2% to £1.44 billion​.
  1. Top Operators:
    • PureGym is the largest private operator with 379 sites, followed by The Gym Group with 234 sites. Both have significantly contributed to the low-cost gym segment, which has seen an average monthly fee rise above £24.
    • In the public sector, GLL remains the leading operator with 195 facilities​.
  1. Regional Insights:
    • London has the highest penetration rate at 19.9%, with 826 gyms and a market value of £1.38 billion. Scotland follows with a 16.5% penetration rate and 657 gyms​​.


Overall, the report highlights a resilient and expanding fitness industry in the UK, with increasing membership, market value, and a diverse range of operators driving growth across both private and public sectors. The report underscores the fitness industry’s dynamic nature, with an ongoing evolution towards higher value services and a stronger focus on health and wellness. For more detailed information and statistical analysis, the full report is available on the Leisure DB website.

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