Unleash the Power of HIIT Training: The Science Behind Assault Bike Workouts

The Science Behind Assault Bike Workouts

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By Matrix Fitness Canada

HIIT training has been in the top ten trends for the last decade for good reason. 


High-Intensity Interval Training workouts – involving short, explosive bursts of exercise followed by brief periods of recovery, can deliver incredible results – and not simply in time-efficient workouts, but in the ability to strengthen the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, as well as improve our brain power. From young athletes to active agers, HIIT can be incorporated into any training program.


February is Heart Health Month, and Matrix Fitness Canada is proud to launch the Total Body Cycle globally, a versatile piece of equipment that has been built to not only provide an incredible workout, but engineered and designed to be durable, powerful and deliver exceptional results.


Understanding HIIT 


HIIT is all about intensity. Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness of HIIT in improving cardiovascular fitness, increasing calorie burn, and enhancing overall health. HIIT workouts can significantly increase post-exercise calorie burn more so than steady-state cardio workouts. Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) – often called the afterburn – is the increased use of oxygen and calories after you stop exercising. This is the energy your body needs to get back to a resting state, and has been proven to help with weight loss.


HIIT and Cardiovascular Health 


A study published in the American Journal of Cardiology in 2017 found that HIIT workouts lead to greater improvements in VO2Max compared to moderate intensity workouts. Increasing our VO2Max helps strengthen cardiovascular health, as the heart is trained to pump oxygen more efficiently to the body. New research from a clinical trial in United Kingdom found that HIIT training is safe for people who have had a heart attack or other cardiac events and may improve their fitness faster than conventional cardiac rehab programs. 


HIIT is Time Efficient


One of the greatest advantages of HIIT workouts is that less is more. Research from the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows HIIT can produce the same or superior results and improvements in aerobic capacity and insulin sensitivity in significantly less time. Various protocols of HIIT have been measured for their efficiency and effectiveness, and research shows  that HIIT benefits all, improving exercise capacity and metabolic health. 




The Total Body Cycle from Matrix is designed for the ultimate HIIT experience. With dual action design, the Total Body Cycle combines upper and lower body movements, making it a highly effective calorie-burning machine. A study published in the International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching in 2018 showed that HIIT workouts engaging both upper and lower body muscle recruitment resulted in more efficient and time-effective workouts. 


Designed with durable arms, sturdy cranks and a frame reinforced with heavy-duty steel, the Total Body Cycle is designed and built to withstand the most grueling workouts. The Total Body Cycle offers performance metrics in RPM, Watts, heart rate, calories, time and distance and will help anyone shatter their goals,




The dual capabilities of the Total Body Cycle, combining handles and foot pedals, will help target all the large muscle groups in the upper body and lower body and provide a unique experience using both push and pull muscle engagement. The chest, triceps and shoulder will push hard, while the back, shoulders and biceps will pull, simultaneously engaging the core and legs. Every muscle is recruited to build strength and power. 




The science behind HIIT is clear, and the Total Body Cycle is the tool that will deliver superior results with total body engagement. Embrace the power of HIIT and watch fitness levels reach new heights. 

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