Why Fitness Marketing & Sales Templates Don’t Work

Why Fitness Marketing & Sales Templates Don’t Work
Courtesy FRNation.com

Courtesy FRNation.com

You’ve just paid for a template pack or system for everything you need for marketing your fitness business. You’ve got ads, sales pages, emails, sales scripts, and everything you need to get more clients. And you’re excited to get to work putting it together for your fitness business. All you have to do is drop in your business information and get the ads, pages, and emails created. It’s simple, you don’t have to do any intense writing and it’s the solution you’ve been waiting for! Or not at all…


I’m sure you’ve tried it before. And I’m sure you didn’t get the results you were looking for! Well, if you were left feeling like maybe you did something wrong then you’ve got to read the rest of this post. I’m going to tell you why those pre-built funnels, sales scripts, or templated marketing campaigns don’t work and how they actually set you back in your business. Plus, I’ll tell you what you can do instead and how it will take just as much time to put together. Except, it’s a long-term solution that will serve you throughout your entire career.


“If they don’t work then why do people make them?”

I might piss some people off saying this but I have to tell you the truth. Creating template packs is a way that people who have a higher-ticket offer can make some fast money and get you into their funnel. See, by offering a template or system with “everything you need to get more clients” they are doing one of two things. First, they are giving you a lot of value and showing you that they have the goods. Second, they are showing you that it’s actually going to take a ton of work to do yourself. After you purchase the templates then intend to sell you on a higher-ticket product or service.


And unless you go for the higher-ticker program the materials you already purchased are essentially useless. Especially, because those templates are not specialized to your business (more on that later).

I can’t dismiss that some of these offers are genuine and that they come from pros that can really help you. But you have to be careful and not get wrapped up in what they promise on the page. There are a lot of people out there that just see it as an opportunity to make money, not help gym owners.


Unique Fitness Marketing & Sales Solutions


Even if the person you’re getting the product from is legit and actually has a record of helping fitness businesses, the templates still might not help you.


Your business is unique. Everything from your ideal client, to the programs you offer, and even your market. Plus, some methods are just not going to fit your business. You may have a smaller boutique fitness studio and marketing and sales methods designed for a larger gym are just not going to work. So, you get sold these templates that are supposed to be able to work for all fitness studio owners and gym owners… and when they don’t work you’re left feeling like there’s something wrong with you. But it’s not the truth—the system is flawed.


So, what is the solution?

The solution has to be long-term. It requires getting into the marketing nitty-gritty. Building a foundation for your marketing campaigns and really identifying and understanding your market. Once you do that… you’ll actually be prepared to launch marketing campaigns that work, typically for the rest of your career. At the end of the day, you’re marketing to real living breathing human beings… right? So if you’re not truly understanding them and creating a message that resonates then you’re just going to get lost in the noise. Identifying your ideal client isn’t too much work either because many of the people you already work with are your ideal client! Just think of your favorite clients! Once you understand what their main problem is and how THEY are looking for it to be solved. You can craft your messaging (on your website, in email, and in ads) around that. It doesn’t have to be a genius piece of marketing, it just needs to be clear, direct, and meaningful to the person whose problem you can solve.

The next step is identifying the marketing assets that you already have and how you can use them to make marketing your business easier. For example, if you have a massive following on Instagram then there might not be a good reason to start a Pinterest marketing campaign. Or if you are really great on video and not so good with writing, then use YouTube to create content instead of writing blogs! By identifying your strengths and your assets then you can move on to the next step.

Oftentimes, we feel as though we have to be on every platform. But it really isn’t feasible. You would need an entire team of professionals to be able to market with every platform. So at this point, you can choose which methods will be the easiest and most effective. Then put it into action and stay consistent. And that’s the key—consistency.


I know it isn’t sexy. It isn’t like many of the solutions out there with their hyped-up promises of generating tons of hot leads. But it works. When you think of your business: helping people get fit. What is the key to losing weight, getting stronger, and packing on muscle? After setting a great workout plan, and nutrition plan… It’s consistency. The same goes for marketing. You put the foundations in, then you stay consistent. You track your results and make adjustments as needed. This is how you build strong marketing campaigns in your fitness business. And you’ll actually learn a lot from this process and start to understand what works and how it works. Then you aren’t stuck with external resources for the rest of your career. You can just rely on yourself because you become somewhat of a pro with it.

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